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26th/27th November - Dublin
Sacred Love, Ecstatic Communion

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 Tantra For Lovers

The Definitive 2016 Individual Couples Courses for Expanded Lovemaking:

~ From Eros to Agape: Weaving Love, Life, Sex & Spirit
~ Sacred Love, Ecstatic Communion: A Path of Love, Sensuality & Devotion

Private sessions:
~ Tantric Relationship Coaching
~ Igniting the Heart: The Love & Ecstasy of Tantra Massage (private training for couples)
~ Awakening to Intimacy for Couples
~ Pleasure Redefined: The Art of Sensual Touch

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October Newsletter

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- Awakenings Blog : Gender Identities
- Tantric Thoughts: Body whispering
- Intimacy Handbook : Narcisstic partners

- Meditators Guide : Following your bliss












Tantra Awakenings


County Laois



Karen (+353) 083 123 1686 

Mark (+353) 083 397 8707


Skype: TantraAwakenings



***Next Workshop: Manchester & Liverpool November 5th & 6th***
Dublin November 26th and 27th

Welcome to Tantra Awakenings - Connecting, Healing, Transforming through Tantric Breath, Touch and Coaching

Tantra is a means of allowing you to become aware of, cultivate and allow the flow of your life-force energy. When you experience this flow of energy you have the potential to heal emotionally and physically from past hurts or overcome current difficulties and to experience a deeper sense of connection to yourself and your partner by experiencing life in the fullest sense, dissolving blocks and removing limitations. Mark Sutton and Karen O'Moore are dedicated to the experience of being: your sexuality, your physical and emotional health and your spiritual transformation through Tantra.

Our guiding principle is that our approach is heart centred, inclusive and available to anyone regardless of age, gender, race, social status or sexual orientation. Whether you are looking to deepen and expand your relationship, discover a deeper intimacy and connection with yourself or your partner, re-write the script of your sexual beliefs, look to make sex spiritual or overcome issues such as Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction or an inability to relax and fully experience of sex and orgasm,what we offer is delivered in a profound spirit of respect for you as you explore your potential and re-discover who you are with a sense of curiosity and wonder.



"Tantra trusts in your body. Tantra trusts in your senses. Tantra trusts in your energy. Tantra trusts in you – in toto. Tantra does not deny anything but transforms everything. “  OSHO


For more information on Tantra click here.

Below are a list of some of the Services that we as a Tantric Facilitators Offer:



13873168_10208526068726785_5479324473464118145_nMark Sutton


I am based in Ireland and am passionate about living in a world where people are enabled to have the sex, intimacy and relationships they desire by connecting, awakening and expanding sexual energy and breaking old patterns: changing the way they relate to themselves and others in an new and dynamic fashion. I work on an individual basis in clinics throughout Ireland as well as facilitating groups and workshops here and internationally on aspects of Tantric Teaching.I have, along with Karen, been featured on TV and Radio, and in print in Magazines and Newspapers. (Read full bio)


Mark offers:

Tantric Relationship, Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Tantric Coaching is for those who don’t need counselling but would like to address specific issues around sexuality, intimacy, desire and spirituality.


Swedish & Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage can help  you to renew and restore your vitality and energy, boosting your immune system, promoting sound sleep,  helping alleviate the symptoms of stress, i.e. anxiety, high blood pressure

Mark offers sessions at clinics in Dublin, Portlaoise, Athlone and Ashbourne and via Skype.

Contact Mark on 083 397 8707


13781821_10153628632636817_2525445238625753690_nKaren O'Moore

For the last decade, I have been guiding and supporting individuals and couples in South Africa, Ireland and the UK to reconnect & reawaken to their sexual energy, releasing fears and past traumas, bringing a deeper awareness of their relationship to their own bodies and energy and how it weaves with others - inviting the full potential of everything. I am a certified Tantra Coach and combine Tantric meditation, coaching, bio-energetics and massage in my unique essence of facilitation. (Read full bio)

What is Tantra? view video blog

Karen offers:


Sacred Tantric Healing Massage

Sacred Tantric Healing Massages can help you be aware of yourself as a channel of energy, learn how to feel it move through your body, how to be aware of yourself as energy itself and how it exchanges with the world around you. 

Shakti Awakening

Shakti Awakening is a 12 month programme is intended to support women* in adding more vitality, healing and desire into their lives, and in opening the way to a new understanding of their femininity (* those who identify as women)

Karen offers sessions in Portlaoise and Cheshire and via Skype

Contact Karen on 083 123 1686



Mark and Karen both offer (either as individual practitioners or jointly) 

Tantric Practices for Healing, Personal Development and Spiritual Transformation

In a private, sacred and confidential setting, explore Tantric practices including movement, breathing exercises, meditation, sound and touch. Experience new levels of expansion and arousal: Depending on where you are on your life's journey, there are sessions and programmes that are here to guide you to discover the infinite potential of your body, the power of your mind and the beauty of your soul. 

Tantra training & workshops

Internationally recognised and respected teachers to help guide you to develop the skills and tools to enable your relationships and expand your potential for ecstasy. Dublin, Athlone and Portlaoise, Ireland.


Dear Karen & Mark

Thank you sincerely for the wonderful experience of my recent visit. I have waited to see if the feeling of wellbeing would last, and I am happy to say that not only is it lasting, but it is increasing each day. I have found an inner peace which I did not know existed - just as I did not know that two such beautiful people as your good selves existed in this world. 

When I think of the benefits which I am enjoying, I think of you, and I thank you. 

Yours in gratitude



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