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From Eros to Agape: The Weaving of Love, Life, Sex and Spirit

With Mark Sutton 


From Eros (romantic love) to Agape (spiritual love), the Ancient Greek Philosophers understood the complex and varied nature of this fundamental human emotion.   But with the passage of time and the pace of our modern Western Lifestyle, we either limit, or have forgotten, the true nature of love and its unique place in the human experience. Many paths of Sacred Sexuality seek to explore Love and re-discover and re-connect to all its aspects, but none is more powerful than that of the path of Tantra.

Tantra, is a path for discovering our true nature; a path of the heart. It shows us the way of living meditation, an opportunity to awaken fully, accepting ourselves and what arises in us in each moment without judgment and in doing so, become more joyful and compassionate beings


Tantra breathwork helps us become aware of our senses, what we are feeling, and the movement of our body and breath. Our bodies are a channel for the flow of life energy within us. Becoming sensitive to that flow inside ourselves and in others is the beginning of the Tantra Journey.


In day one, we explore simple techniques for connection to oneself and others, both energetically, and physically (note: there is no nudity or touch). In day two, we go a little deeper. We will be exploring increasing the energetic charge in the body, and our ability to contain and hold that charge. We will also be looking at ways to open communication and the ability to stream energy through the body.


The theme of this two day non residential workshop for couples & singles, is connection and is an exploration of Tantra, the 5000 year old meditation practice centred around the body that is both empowering and liberating.


In this two-day workshop you will experience:

~ Tantric breathing and meditation techniques

~ Opening your body to the natural flow of energy

~ Awakening to your true self and your potential for ecstasy

~ Developing a deeper sense of intimacy

~ Breathing techniques for deepening flow of your sexual energy

~ Expanding the body’s capacity for holding energy using simple bio-energetic techniques

~ Streaming energy through the body via movement

~ The Art of Surrender

~ Open Communication around Sex

~ Expanding your Senses


No more dates booked for 2016. This workshop will continue in 2017

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