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Mark and Karen are an internationally qualified and respected husband and wife partnership dedicated to the Tantric path. Originally from a science and publishing background respectively, they have been practicing Tantra for over 15 years. Their personal journey with Tantra has been a life-changing event, challenging them to explore themselves, their relationship, their preconceptions and relationships with others. It has been a journey that is as rewarding as it is challenging. Tantra, by living life to its fullest extent, from the heart and with awareness and presence has presented them opportunities for expansion and development, which they would not have otherwise experienced. They formed Tantra Awakenings to bring their love of Tantra and their wish to empower others to live their lives as they wish to live.

Mark Sutton

I was originally trained and following a career in science, however I had always had an interest in people, sexuality, intimacy and relationships. I first came to Tantra in 1995, though in truth it had felt like something that had been with me all my life and the term Tantra just was putting a name to who I am. In the beginning of my tantric exploration I realised that I was embarking on a profound journey that would last a lifetime and challenge my preconceptions about sex, sexuality, intimacy and spirituality.

I drew my tantric inspiration from the teachings of Margot Anand, Osho, Ma Ananda Sarita and Swami Anand Geho, Daniel Odier, Lama Yeshe, Diana Richardson and more recently Barbara Carellas and my beloved teacher, Dawn Cartwright. My practical scientific background did not conflict with the spiritual, emotional and ecstatic path that is Tantra. Rather I found that both paths entwine and allowed me to explore more deeply my energetic, physical, spiritual and emotional core.

In 2002, I attended my first Tantra workshop in Athlone, Ireland, and it was as a result if this that my understanding of Tantra deepened, strengthened and developed as a consequence of my experiences within the workshop and after. The shift in consciousness occurred on all levels of my life and I realized the potential Tantra held for my sexuality, for deepening intimacy in my relationships, my personal development, for my transformation and connectedness with my inner self, loved ones and with life.

I believe with a passion that the Tantric path is available to everyone, yet is unique to the individual and is dependent on where they are now, where they want to go and what their desire for Tantra entails. Further, the simplicity of the breath and bodywork techniques that are used in tantra suited my practical, straightforward approach. The harmonization of active and receptive energies are not limited to practices and processes between man and woman, they are universal and go beyond the limitation of gender binaries. Tantra is suitable for everyone. Tantra is experiential, it shows us how to be present, to be aware and in the moment, to truly experience lovemaking, connection and transformation of desire to bliss.

In 2010, I completed the Fragrance of the Lotus advanced Tantra programme, facilitated by Dawn Cartwright, the founder of the Chandra Bindu Institute. This journey took me to Ojai, California, Wicklow, Ireland and to the OSHO Multiversity in Pune , India. I am also a Swedish and holistic massage therapist holding both CIBTAC and ITEC qualifications and the awareness and energy I bring into the practice I feel is more important than the techniques I have learned.

I am a member of the Glosna House Holistic Centre team offering Holistic Massage and Life Coaching.

Finally I am a Lifecoach, holding a diploma with the Irish Lifecoach Institute including advanced training in Relationship Coaching. The knowledge and skills acquired in the latter complement my tantric teaching, they enable the open exploration of where we are in our sexuality and to explore ways in Tantra for you to develop and expand.

I have been teaching Tantra on a part time basis since 2010, but now have committed to this life on a full time basis and in 2012 have set up Tantra Awakenings. My Tantric practice is heart centered and is based on respect, openness and rapport . My core principle is that Tantra should be all inclusive: Age, gender or sexual orientation is not a bar to developing ones potential for ecstasy, intimacy in one’s relationships and for self realization and transformation.  My blend of grounded, yet joyful, exploration combined with my love for Tantra and coaching places me in a unique position facilitate and guide the journey of others to achieve their ecstatic potential, their ability to be present in their body, to love unconditionally and openly and to transform their existence and their capacity for self realisation. 

The journey so far has been joyous, challenging, playful, intense, at once both ecstatic and grounding. I look forward to you joining me on this path, of guiding your journey and empowering you to truly be yourself, to deepening your experience of lovemaking, your sexuality, your potential and your capacity of intimacy. For you to realise how truly unique and beautiful you are, just as you are.

photoKaren O'Moore

He was not bone and feather but a perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all” *

Reading these words written about a seagull that knew there was more to living than mere existence, was my first taste of Tantra. I was 11 at the time. It took me another 30 years though to finally allow myself to surrender fully to its embrace.

I have had a rich, interesting life. Crazy to many people’s standards, but one that has given me the most beautiful gifts and the most heart wrenching lessons. Every gift, every lesson, leading me to this very point in my life. How could I possibly complain? Rather I am grateful for a journey that has been lived and felt with every part of my soul.  I would rather have this heart of mine which is patched, scarred and a little tattered, than have one that is pristine and untouched.

I spent over 22 years of my adult life in media. Pushing myself to succeed so that others would be unable to judge me. And succeed I did.  I left the corporate world as a Publisher/Managing Director of 2 multiple award winning magazines. I also sat on the Board of the Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa. I made my mark. And after 22 years, I sat at a desk too big for one person in a corner office that could host a ballroom dancing competition, thinking, “What am I doing?” I love working with people, helping them realise the full potential of who they intrinsically are. And here I sat, pushing out reports that no one would ever read. I finally, finally realised that I do not have to prove myself to anyone. It was time to take a step out into the universe.

Not a toe touching the water to see if it was warm enough, but taking a full step. And there I found my wings.

The Tantric path chose me rather than me choosing it. Once I found Tantra, I realized that every moment in my life, had prepared me to walk this path. 

I am the Shakti aspect of Tantra Awakenings. A sanguine soul who believes we are all, every one of us, inherently Love. I have a passion for sharing my love of Tantra with all the possibilities it holds together with a pure love of connecting and touching lives. Add a little craziness and you have a woman in touch with who she is, who lives life deeply and in awareness and I bring that into my connection with others, through either breath work, meditation, touch or simply just being. 

I have been influenced by Buddhist Tantra and the writings of Daniel Odier, Diana Richardson, Margot Anand and others and guided by the beautiful Dawn Cartwright & Barbara Carrellas and Swami Suddhananda.

Through my journey with Tantra, I found myself releasing a lot of previously held thought patterns, wants, desires, needs. Of wanting things the way I perceive they should be. Coming to a place of total love for myself and acceptance and having zero need for anything. 

And in that moment I met someone that I felt safe enough to allow my walls down for. I left my heart unguarded and took a step without fear. I was met with pure love. The universe has blessed me with a man that I love deeply & share my life with.

I invite you to share a little of our journey ♥


* Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Bach


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