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Mark Sutton

I am a Tantric Sexuality and Intimacy Coach and Tantra Facilitator helping singles, couples and groups to explore their sexual and relationship potential for over 4 years. My own tantric Journey commenced over 20 years ago as I looked to Tantra to overcome the limitations in my own sexuality and intimacy and alter the script of my relationships and have experienced at first hand the healing potential of this ancient eastern philosophy in our modern Western Lives.

I was originally trained in and following a career in science with degrees in Microbiology and Molecular Biology and draw my teachings and training from the Tantric teachings of OSHO, Margot Anand, Ma Ananda Sarita, Daniel Odier, Diana Richardson, Barbara Carrellas and Dawn Cartwright. I have extensive training in the modern therapeutic fields of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Life and Relationship Coaching, Personal and Group development and Training and Massage.

OSHO gave on interpretation of Tantra as “Method” and described Tantra as a science. I resonate strongly with this and combine my love of science, psychotherapeutic techniques and Tantra in to a powerful fusion of Eastern and Western healing approaches which are delivered from a heart-centered practice that forms the core of Tantra Awakenings Philosophy. I believe with a passion that we all deserve the relationships we desire: Emotionally and Physically. I believe the Tantric path is available to us all, yet is unique to us as individuals. I take an experiential, practical, straightforward yet multi-level approach to healing and transformation. Working at the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level I seek to harmonise your energies, bring presence and awareness into your sexual and intimate relationships and enable you to experience lovemaking, connection and transformation of desire to bliss free from the limitations of the past.

My core principle is that Tantra should be all inclusive: Age, gender or sexual orientation is not a bar to developing your potential for ecstasy and intimacy in your relationships and your transformation.  I am in a unique position to facilitate and guide you on your journey to achieve your ecstatic potential for pleasure, to love unconditionally and openly and to transform your existence and your capacity for self-realisation into a new and more naturally authentic state of being .

I currently reside in the UK and, in addition to teaching Tantra Awakenings Workshops throughout Ireland and internationally I have a clinical practice in the following locations: Manchester.

Qualifications and Training:
~Fragrance of The Lotus Tantra Teaching Programme.
~Urban Tantra Practitioner Training Programme.
~Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching, ILI.
~Certified Advanced Relationship Coach, ILI.
~Fetac Level 6: Train The Trainer.
~Personal Development Tutor Training, ILI.
~Diploma in CBT, The Counselling Institute.
~CIBTAC and ITEC in Swedish and Holistic Massage.
~Certification Understanding Sexual Trauma
~Certification Working Creatively with Sexual Trauma.
~Certification Working with Attachment Issues In Adults.
~MSc. Molecular Biology (by Research). UCD 2000
~BSc. Microbiology, University of Surrey.1986
~BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release with Giten Tonkov and Shantam Nisarga (Ongoing)
~Assisting Dawn Cartwright in the Fragrance of the Lotus Tantra Teacher Training Programme, June 2016.
~ Certified OSHO Meditation Facilitator


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Contact: Mark (+44) 07983139566   or info@tantraawakenings.org

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