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Tantra Awakenings


United Kingdom

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Expressions, thoughts & musings.. Tantra blog

The essence of Tantra is the full expression of existence, a merging with, rather than a withdrawl from it. 

On these pages, we express, we share... We might exasperate, me might excite, but we will always be open..

Awakenings Blog:

 Intimate thoughts as we journey together on this path. Read more

Intimacy Handbook:

 A generous smattering of delicious tips from our Intimacy Coach, helping you to enrich, enliven and invigorate your sensual selves. Read more

In the Media:

 A snippet here, a snippet there.. From time to time we are allowed to unleash on the world. World (or should that be word) domination here we come. Ha ha. Read more

The Meditators Guide:

 What do you think meditation is? An exotic practice linked to eastern religions? Read more

Tantra Awakenings Newsletter:

 The Tantra Awakenings Newsletter is a monthly email newsletter sharing ideas & thoughts to help guide you to your ecstasy plus information on upcoming events & workshops and special offers. Subscribe


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