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Tantra, Intimacy and Fertility Treatment

If you are currently undergoing, or thinking of undergoing, fertility treatment it is important to realise that to a greater or lesser extent treatment will have an effect on you as a couple. While the primary focus for fertility clinics is on the fertility treatment itself, it is increasingly recognised that managing and reducing stress while undergoing treatment greatly improves the outcome and enables couples to weather treatment itself. In acknowledgment of the fact that treatment affects all aspects of your life, clinics are now increasingly looking at programmes which run alongside treatment to help you to manage this stress, however there is one area that is currently lacking: maintaining intimacy (both emotional and physical) as a loving couple. Unfortunately, the sexuality and intimacy within your relationship are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of fertility treatment.

Couples commonly report:

·         Reduced sexual desire

·         The Inability to achieve orgasm.

·         Loss of spontaneity and pleasure.

·         Painful sex.

·         Loss of sexual self- esteem.

·       Increased Sexual dysfunction: It has been estimated, for example, that up to 30% of men suffer periodic episodes of sexual problems with loss of, or inability to maintain an erection, loss of pleasure and lack of interest.

More importantly intimacy between a couple faces significant challenges due to the work-like nature of sex, significant effects on self-esteem (with feelings isolation, inadequacy, and worthlessness), the discomfort of treatment and poor communication and withdrawal and loss of affection and intimacy. In addition, a significant proportion of couples following the completion of treatment, find it difficult to rekindle or maintain their sexual desire and intimacy going forward.

If you are experiencing, or worried about, intimacy and sex while undertaking rounds of treatment that it’s important to understand that:

 Given what is happening for you, this is entirely natural, you are not alone nor is anything wrong with you and it is not a sign that your relationship is ending.

However, is there something you can do if you are still worried or concerned?

Here are some tips on cultivating and maintaining your intimate and sexual relationship:

Create Space and Time for each other.

Improve Self-Awareness of what is happening.

Cultivate Presence to enjoy the moment.

Maintain Communication.

Cultivate Acceptance of yourself, your partner and your situation.

Reframing Sex and focus on the Pleasure.

The practices, processes and rituals in Tantra are ideally suited for any couple undergoing treatment. The essence of Tantra: embracing passion, acceptance, connection, compassion and love, reframing how we view sex and sexuality, moving away from goals and re-experiencing  the pleasure, playfulness and sheer joy that sex has to offer all make it an ideal path for those for whom the bedroom has become a place of heartache and disappointment.

Tantra itself works on many levels all at once:

•     It simultaneously maintains and enhances both physical and emotional intimacy.

•     It places your sex life in context of the health of the whole relationship and not just in the context of fertility treatment.

•    It promotes the feelings of togetherness and oneness, of mutual devotion and support and a sense being in this together in a profoundly powerful way.

•     Tantra has the potential to enrich not only your sexual health, but your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

•     Tantric Rituals create zones of openness and intimacy, they send a clear message that not only are you and your partner accepted, loved and valued, but your relationship is too and is greater than the sum of its parts.

We offer many different types of training to couples who wish to explore the benefits of Tantra in their relationship: From workshops to individual training on touch and massage, how to create simple evenings of sensual lovemaking and more in depth personalised programmes tailored to your specific requirements. We also offer ongoing coaching and mentoring sessions to help you to successfully navigate your intimate relationship through treatment and beyond

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