Rates 2014

Tantra Breathwork

Tantra Breathwork for Couples (read more)
 Individual session
 per hour
   80 euros (per couple)
 A half day couples session 3 hours 220 euros (per couple)
 A full day couples  session 6 hours 390 euros (per couple)
Tantra Breathwork for Singles (read more)
 Individual session
 per hour
   65 euros
 A half day session
 3 hours
180 euros 
 A full day session
 6 hours
320 euros

Couples Intimacy Bootcamp

Couples Intimacy Bootcamp (read more) 6 hours 390 euros (per couple)

Integrated Tantra

 Integrated Tantra - Couples (read more)         
 5 hours
450 euros (per couple)
 Integrated Tantra - Singles (read more)
  hours 280 euros

Sacred Tantric Healing Massage

Sacred Tantric Healing Massage - Couples      (read more)
3 hours  360 euros
Sacred Tantric Healing Yoni (vagina) Massage  (read more)1 hours  180 euros
Sacred Tantric Healing Lingam (penis) Massage (read more)1 hours  180 euros
Taoist Sexual Energy Healing Massage (read more)1 hours  180 euros

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching (read more)  hours 75 euros

Shakti Awakening

Shakti Awakening (read more)  hours 100 euros (per month)

Holistic & Swedish Massage

 Full Body Massage (read more)                              
 1 hour         
55  euros
 Back and Shoulder Massage (read more)
  hour 30 euros


 Individual sessions :      (read more)                 1 hours         
60 euros
 Group sessions : 1 hours x 4 (read more) 1 hours 40 euros per month (4 sessions)
 Group sessions : 1  hours (read more)  hours 12 euros per drop in session

Tantra Workshops

 Rates dependent on workshop being held - please refer to our Upcoming Wprkshops page (read more)

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