Thank you Karen and Mark so much for a wonderful day yesterday. It was invigorating, exciting, restful, peaceful, healing, stimulating and lots more besides. I look forward to your next course. 

Donagh (Dublin)

Tantra Awakenings


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Sacred Love, Ecstatic Communion

A Path of Love, Sensuality and Devotion

In this workshop we will be immersing deep with the connection to our root and pelvis through the exploration of deep pelvis release, connection and opening techniques. We will explore, and make conscious, our boundaries and the role gender binaries play in limiting  balance and totality in our bodies; bringing transformation and awareness to our being. We will experience how the combination of breath and conscious touch can transform our connection with another. And finally, we will experience the potential for spiritual transformation by connecting the base chakra to the crown, allowing our Sahasrara to open and blossom

In this two day non-residential workshop we explore our ability for transformation through:

  • Dancing through the energetic gateways of the 7 chakras
  • Opening and exploring the wonders of the pelvis
  • The Art of Boundaries
  • Redefining Gender and freeing ourselves from limiting barriers
  • Synchronising breath and conscious touch
  • Breathing through the crown

When: Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November 2016

Where: The Dublin Holistic Centre, Dublin

Time: 10am till 5pm on each day

Rate: 150 per person (Please bring a light packed light lunch)

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Take the first step of a new journey & contact  Mark (+44) 079 831 39566 or

There is no nudity in this workshop, but there is light touch. All Tantra Awakenings workshop are open to everyone, regardless of experience, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or social status. We do not focus on gender balance and approach every individual as a unique being rather than projecting stereotypes as to what masculine and feminine is.


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