Therapeutic Breathwork.

Therapeutic Breathwork helps reduce the symptoms of the following:

Difficulty in sleeping and other stress related symptoms.
Stress and stress related illnesses
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Physical and emotional pain
Inability to focus your thoughts and mind
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Attention deficit disorder
Chronic fatigue

Therapeutic breath work also enables you to:

Increase the sense of aliveness and awareness of your body.
Support your connection to others and to spirit.
Improve health, well-being and emotional integration
Enhance creativity and self-awareness, improve concentration and clear the mind.
Improve your ability to relax.

What is Therapeutic Breath work?

Therapeutic Breath work is a powerful means of expanding our ability to both hold and experience the flow of our life force energy, and experience our feelings, sensations and emotions fully. It is using the natural processes of the body (breath and movement) and is stepping away from the use of pharmaceuticals as a means of alleviating symptoms of a wide variety of disorders and illnesses. In this system we use breath and touch to release the chronic tensions held within the nervous system and our physical pains, releasing our fear and fundamentally altering our negative self-image freeing us to live our life to its max. It brings us into deep connection to our body and allows access to the central loving core of our being.

It is derived from the work of Wilhelm Reich and Peter Levine and releases the 7 belts of chronic muscular tension (body armouring) and physical holding patterns that we have developed, but which are alongside exercises to release old trauma in a safe gentle fashion to support the free flow of vital life energy. While this is a standalone therapy, it can be used alongside any current treatment regime you have in place, be that medical or psychotherapeutic.

Therapeutic Breath work involves three approaches within a session:

Deep, conscious, circular breathing, to build up energy in the body.
Direct manipulation chronically tense muscles to loosen them.
Dealing openly with whatever resistances or emotional restrictions arise.

Structure of a session:

All sessions are individual one to one sessions.

On the first session a detailed intake form is completed to assess your areas of chronic tension and any specific presenting issues that you may be experiencing. The session proceeds with resourcing you to remain within your body, then experiencing the deep connected breathing and, where appropriate, manipulation of tense muscles. This enables you to experience the basic format of the session under the guidance of the therapist and discharges the trapped energy within your body leading to a deep relaxation. The sessions ends with a period or nurturing, integration and discussion of your experience.

Subsequent sessions work in one of two ways: the first is sequentially working with the specific belts of tension in a top down approach to free you from the chronic holding patterns you have been experiencing. Alternatively, we work on the specific tensions on a session by session basis, dealing with tensions as they present at that moment.
Sessions last approximately 90 minutes, of which 45 minutes to one hour is experiencing breathwork, tension release and discharge of trapped energy. The remainder of the session being an initial check-in of your progress to date,  and ending in relaxation and an integration of each experience.

Frequency of sessions:

Sessions are best undertaken at weekly intervals though every two weeks is acceptable. Beyond this the benefits may be lost. It is also possible to have sessions every 3 or 4 days to accelerate the healing process and where symptoms you are experiencing are affecting you.

Cost of sessions:

Individual sessions are 100 per session.

There are facilities available for low cost sessions for those who are unemployed or low waged. In this case proof of either social welfare or a wage slip is required. You can call to ask about the rates.


Therapeutic Breathwork is a very powerful system of healing and transformations. There are certain circumstances where it would not be suitable, these are listed below:

Pregnant women, especially in the first trimester.
Those with a History of seizures or epilepsy
Uncontrolled diabetes
Those with heart disease
Those with severe asthma

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