Tantra is about learning to live with what is: The intense, frightening and blissful weaving of life, every moment a ritual, an opportunity to escape or a chance to fall more in love.

Tantra teaches that even questioning the practice is a part of the whole experience of life and therefore the divine.

In its essence, it is a profound awareness of the activity of being, where the journey is the destination

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Tantra Breath and Energy Techniques
There is no big secret to Tantra. It's journey begins in the allowance and grace of the breath. Breathe easy and naturally and you will open the door to a sacred immersion. Allow yourself to be guided through the gateway to total joy as you embrace the divine and the erotic through breathwork. Breathe.. and relax

Individual session (singles) - 1 hour : ..........   75
Half day session (singles) - 3 hours: .......... 220
Full day session (singles) - 6 hours: .......... 390
Individual session (couples) - 1 hour: ..........   90
Half day session (couples) - 3 hours: .......... 250
Full day session (couples) - 6 hours: .......... 420


Awakening to Intimacy for Couples

A full day one to one session bringing your relationship to a deeper level of intimacy, love, communication and connection. A day to focus on each other, to reconnect, ignite and strengthen the bond. Enjoy the adventure & celebration of your love.

Awakening to Intimacy for Couples - 6 hours : ..........   420

Creating the perfect evening of intimate connection   190  (2 hours)

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Pleasure Redefined- The Art of Sensual Massage

In this 3 hour private, interactive training, learn to bring your relationship to another height through the exploration of Tantra Couples Massage. Learn to use your greatest gift, your hands, to their fullest, by learning to touch totally from within.

The Art of Sensual Massage : ..........   400


Tantric Relationship, Intimacy &  Sexuality Coaching

Relationship, Intimacy & Sexuality coaching looks at what the obstacles may be, the challenges to be overcome and the necessary steps to take to enable you to achieve the intimate relationship you desire.

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching -  1 hour: .......... 75

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Holistic & Swedish Massage

Holistic Massage can help  you to renew and restore your vitality and energy, boosting your immune system, promoting sound sleep,  helping alleviate the symptoms of stress, i.e. anxiety, high blood pressure.

Full Body Massage - 1 hour 10 minutes: ..........   50
Back & Shoulders Massage -
hour: ..............   30

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Tantra Workshops

Whether you join us on our workshops by yourself or with a partner, you will find it to be an exhilarating and cherishing experience. Through allowing yourself to open to knowing and loving yourself and being true to yourself, you will learn the tools to create the life and relationship you want. You will find your ecstasy. Workshops, from the introductory level 1 'Inspirational Keys to Love, Connection & Intimacy' through to level 3, are held all year round at different venues both in Ireland and abroad

Rates dependent on workshop & country

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Tantra Meditations

Breath is the simplest and surest key to Tantra and unlocking your energy and clearing your channels. Your breath is responsible for energy movement, flow and your heart opening. Active Meditation is about taking conscious breaths, being present and centred as you breathe

Individual Session - 1 hours: ..........   60
Meditation Group - 1 hours: ..........    10

Contact: Mark (+44) 07983139566   or info@tantraawakenings.org

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