Trust, love, what we call sexy,

who we trust in a business

situation, are all based on

how open we are. Openness

is bodily openness, muscular

relaxation, heart openness

as opposed to hiding behind

some emotional wall, and

spiritual openness, which is

actually feeling so fully into

the moment that there’s no

separation between you and

the entire moment.

David Deida

Tantra Awakenings


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Tantra Workshops

One excellent and affordable way of exploring Tantra Is through workshops - where like-minded individuals and couples come together to explore Tantra in an open, life-changing, challenging, yet fun way. Every workshop, every time, is slightly different, and what you bring into it is unique to you and helps to create the atmosphere and energy within it.

Tantra Awakenings is committed to the continued development of workshops on various themes. Whether it be an introduction to Tantra, a more in depth exploration of Tantric processes through to retreats for couples, there is sure to be something to be of interest.

Workshops are held in a suitable venue where Tantra can be fully explored authentically, in a safe environment. In these workshops we bring our sense of love and joy we hold for Tantra into the space we create.

Workshops themselves may be stand-alone or part of an ongoing programme, so it is always useful to check in to see what’s happening as I will be adding to the site as things develop! We also welcome feedback on our workshops, which encourages me to deliver the absolute best for you.

I offer workshops in connection and expansion through breath, meditation, intimacy and sacred conscious touch in:

  • Ireland: Port Laoise, Dublin

Below is some general information on workshops, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask: 
  • Tantra awakenings workshops will be exploring  all aspects of Tantra: Energetic awareness, intimacy, opening to pleasure and integrating sexuality, love and spirituality.
  • A core principle in these workshops is respect for an individuals boundaries and needs. They are safe, supportive environments where you can be yourself and participate in a way that feels comfortable for you.
  • We do not focus on gender balance and approach every individual as a unique being rather than projecting stereotypes as to what masculine and feminine is.

  • The workshops combine energetic exercises, communication exercises, sharing circles and processes designed to promote learning of the self, your partner and your potential for transformation.
  • In general, workshops are for both singles and couples. They are designed as an exploration of the self as well as an exploration of intimacy between couples. Some of the exercises are individual exercises and some involve working with a partner. At all times your personal boundaries will be respected between yourself and the person you will be partnering, a clear explanation of the partnered exercises will be provided and an opportunity for you to openly communicate your boundaries to your partner. There is not requirement, however, to participate and you have the choice not to participate in the exercises.
  • All workshops are fully clothed, there is no requirement to be nude.

Photo courtesy Glosna House Holistic Centre

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